This is Rod Laver's first-hand account of his historic 1969 Grand Slam sweep of all four major tennis titles. In this memoir, the four-time Wimbledon champion and the only player in tennis history to win two Grand Slams details his childhood, early career and his most... read more

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Every child has a dream of how they would like their life to be when they grow up. It's hard to know how many of us realise those early dreams because they can get lost through our many life experiences. Inspirational speaker Grant Kitchen bel... read more

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Diane Reeve found everything she was looking for in the handsome Frenchman Philippe Padieu. Deeply in love, they spent every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday together at his place or hers . . . that is, until she learned abou... read more

Standing Strong: An Unlikely Sisterhood and the Court Case That Made History
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A spiritual as well as a factual autobiography, this is a self-portrait of Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter, a 20th-century icon and controversial victim of the U.S. justice system turned spokesperson for the wrongfully convicted. Exploring Carter's p... read more

Eye of the Hurricane: My Path from Darkness to Freedom
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Olga Trujillo's childhood was marked by such extensive violence and sexual abuse that she developed the ability to observe scenes from her life as though they were happening to someone else. Blocking herself from the terrors of her real life, Olga began to "go away in her head" an... read more

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Reading Level:General Adult
Awards:Winner of the Russell Clark Illustration Award  at the NZ Book Awards for Children & Young Adults 2016

There has never been a period when Shakespeare was out of fashion. In his lifetime he was incredibly successful, and soon after his death his works were published to the world.
Within these pages you will find a new interpretation of Shakespeare's stages, a play o... read more

Much Ado About Shakespeare
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It is now largely forgotten that, until the late 1960s, professional tennis players - that is those who played openly for money - were banned from competing in the world's major tennis tournaments. Before then, the great contests such as the Davis Cup, Wimbledo... read more

The ProsThe Forgotten Heroes of Tennis
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Five notable twentieth-century New Zealanders who made their lives in Australia are the subject of this fascinating biographical investigation by award-winning author Stephanie Johnson.Roland Wakelin, Dulcie Deamer, Jean Devanny, Douglas... read more

West Island Five Twentieth Century New Zealanders in Australia
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This book recuperates for art historians and the reading public the distinguished but forgotten career of the Melbourne artist, Esther Paterson. Aside from providing a close-up of Esther's oeuvre - sketches for newspapers and magazines,... read more

Weilding the Brush: Esther Peterson A Lifetime of Australian Art
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When he first started working on Pet Sounds , Brian Wilson said that he was going to write "the greatest rock album ever made." That album, released in 1966, fifty years ago, changed the face of popular music. From concepti... read more

Wouldn't it be Nice: Brian Wilson and the Making of the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds
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As John Motson approaches his nal game after 50 years of commentary at the BBC, he takes a re ective look back on the 17 World Cup's that he has experienced anc covered during his life. The book nishes o with a look at how Motty beleives the current England side will line up this year in Russia and the winding down of his career.

John Motson: World Cup Motty
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'Currently I am working in an operating theatre of a military hospital. There is no running water. From time to time I have to go in a light plane and retrieve people from afar. The case yesterday near the E... read more

A Nurse on the Edge of the Desert From Birdsville to Kandahar: the Art of Extreme Nursing
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