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Amberley Publishing

Amberley is an independent publisher founded in 2008. Originally producing local history titles tey have expanded into mainstream history withparticular emphasis on Military and Tudor. They have also developed a significant list of transport titles with their list now offering an extensive range on trains, buses and liners.


Anness Publishing

Founded in 1988, Anness Publishing is now the largest independent publisher in the UK. Each year they produce around 300 new titles on subjects ranging from cooking and crafts to gardening, new age, reference, hobbies and transport.


Australian Society Of Authors


The ASA is the professional association for Australia's authors and illustrators. We provide advocacy, support and advice for authors and illustrators in matters relating to their professional practice.


Boxer Books


At Boxer, They have a quirky gift book range, they are designers, innovators, creators and manufacturers of unique, original and quality gift ideas. They offer a wide variety of titles which will make people laugh and which they will definitely remember! They have been established since 1982 and even in difficult times for retailing, they grow from strength to strength, and hope you, our customers, will reap the benefits.


Calico Publishing

Calico Publishing is an independent publishing company established by Linda Cassells. They publish non-fiction books, with a focus on health, wellbeing and lifestyle.




Dingbats* is an eco-friendly brand of stationery developed in a masterful consideration of materials and design. Their notebooks are hand-made with personality represented by minimalistic ornamental motifs with sound environmental credentials including the mark of the Forest Stewardship Council. All materials used are degradable, vegan and recyclable.


Their notebooks can be used as an executive notebook, bullet journal, writing pad/diary, notepad, and sketchbook. Whether you are an artist, designer, fountain-pen enthusiast, bullet journalist, business person, student or literally anyone else, a notebook should always be your companion for jotting down what's on your mind.



Duckling Publishing


Duckling Publishing is the creation and love of Chrissy Metge. Chrissy uses her background in animation, storytelling and producing to lead a small, but dedicated team of Ducklings who create and write beautifully designed books for children.


The Duckling team is fun, energetic, and creative. Each book is designed carefully with the story and the characters in mind to take the reader on a special journey. We collaborate carefully with talented writers, artists, illustrators and editors to make sure the story has the perfect journey from creation to completion.


G2 Entertainment

G2 is a leading publisher of sport and special interest titles. Their flagship series is the ‘little books’ range of compact gift books which have sold over one million copies


Greenleaf Book Group

Greenleaf Book Group specialises in the development of independent authors and the growth of small presses


Methuen Publishing

Methuen Publishing Ltd is a British publishing house. It was founded in 1889 by Sir Algernon Methuen (1856–1924) and began publishing in London in 1892. Initially Methuen mainly published non-fiction academic works, eventually diversifying to publish female authors, and translated works.


Miles Kelly Publishing

Miles Kelley Publishing is an independent childrens book publisher based in the UK. Founded in 1996 the company publishes appeaking books for children of all ages.


New Harbinger


New Harbinger Publications is an independent, employee-owned publisher of books on psychology, health, spirituality, and personal growth. Their evidence-based self-help books and pioneering workbooks help readers make positive changes to improve mental health and well-being. Their professional books serve as powerful resources for mental health clinicians to build their practice and better serve clients. And their spirituality books offer timeless wisdom for living consciously in the modern world. Over the years, they have expanded their mission into several new areas of publishing. Through these imprints, they continue to offer books that have the power to change lives.


Shooting Star Press


Australian Publisher Shooting Star Press – Connect people through stories and build communities through connections. Shooting Star publishes children’s stories, biographies, speculative and science fiction and novels.


TAOC - The Art Of Conversation

TAOC is a best-selling , award winning series that has been professionally researched and developed to revive The Art Of Conversation and promote, stronger,happier relationships.




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